Sometimes I write plays

THE SINGULARITY | Science Fiction Theatre Company (Boston) | photo by Kyle Perler

The Singularity

Full-length play

Astrid wants to become a mom, but she’s missing one very vital ingredient for getting pregnant. So she improvises with a turkey baster full of stolen dark matter. And it works. Within a couple of weeks, she’s expanded to three times her normal size. She knows something wants out, but she’s not sure what that something is.

THE SINGULARITY answers an age-old question: What happened before the Big Bang?

Original Works Publishing
Kindle Edition

2015: Shelterbelt Theatre (Omaha) production
2015: Virago Theatre Company (New York City at The Flea) production
2014: Science Fiction Theatre Company (Boston) world premiere production
2013: PlayLab, Great Plains Theatre Conference (Omaha) reading
2012: New Works Festival,
Kitchen Dog Theater (Dallas) reading

2012: Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Playwrights Foundation – Finalist
2012: Reva Shiner Comedy Award, Bloomington Playwrights Project – Finalist
2012: Festival of New American Plays, Firehouse Theatre Project – Semi-Finalist
2012: Next Generation Playwriting Contest, Reverie Productions – Semi-finalist
2011: Leah Ryan Fund for Emerging Women Writers Award – Finalist

FLAGELLATING THE BOSS | Six of One Productions (Houston)

Flagellating the Boss

One-act play

Three trod-upon employees have tied their boss up and rendered him unconscious. As they decide what to do next–kill him or set him free–he wakes up and gives them an easy out. Will they take it and lose their self respect, or deny him and suffer the consequences?

2012: EstroGenius Xtended, Manhattan Theatre Source (New York City) reading
2011: Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Festival, Revolution Theatre Company (Chicago) production
2010: Between Us Productions (New York City) reading
2010: Houston Fringe Festival, Six Of One Productions (Houston) production


Please Remove This Stuffed Animal From My Head

One-act play

A man visits the Bureau of Stuffed Animal removal in hopes of having the little stuffed lion that has appeared on his head removed. The only catch? The procedure is potentially life threatening.

Original Works Publishing
Kindle Edition

2009: Looking Glass Forum (New York City) production
2007: In a Jar…at the Smithsonian, Six Of One Productions (Houston) production
2007: EstroGenius (New York City) production
2007: Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Festival, Revolution Theatre Company (Chicago) production
2007: Subversive Shorts, Subversive Theatre Collective (Buffalo, NY) production
2007: Theatre Roulette, MadLab Theatre (Columbus, OH) production
2007: FemmeFest, Gene Frankel Theatre (New York City) production
2007: Kansas City Women’s Playwriting Festival (Kansas City, MO) production
2007: 12th Annual One Act Play Festival, Venture Theatre (Billings, MT) production
2006: International Short Play Festival, Intentional Theatre (Waterford, CT) reading
2006: Monday Night FootFall, DiverseWorks (Houston) reading

2007: People’s Choice Award, Production Award – Venture Theatre

Militia Slumber Party (GLO, NYC)
MILITIA SLUMBER PARTY | Green Light Productions (NYC)

Militia Slumber Party, or Embracing the New World Order

One-act play

Randy, Carl and JJ Jr. debate the details of their next mission to fight the black helicopters and tracking implants of the New World Order. Shirley makes pizza rolls.

2012: Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Festival, Revolution Theatre Company (Chicago) production
2009: Houston Fringe Festival, Six Of One Productions (Houston) production
2008: Southwest Theatre & Film Association, 61st Annual Conference (Hot Springs, AR) production
2008: GLO 2008, Green Light Productions (New York City) production
2008: Women in Theatre: Houston Voices, A celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize (Houston) reading