No frontier is final

I’m Crystal Jackson, copywriter, creative collaborator and client whisperer. I have two decades of meaningful experience writing for marketing (hospitality, healthcare, public transit) and nonprofit development (performing arts, zoos and aquariums, public media). My background as a playwright powers an obsessive concern with keeping the audience engaged and, whenever possible, delighted.

I believe there’s always a fresh way to tell a story, anything is interesting if you dive deep enough and enthusiasm is good for the soul. Please take a look at my portfolio to see some of my explorations through wordspace.

how i avoid staring into the abyss

I write dark comedies for the stage. Current project: a play about the last truck stop in the world.

This is Ripley the terrier/poodle/chi. She and I go hiking every weekend, and I chronicle our travels on Instagram.

When I started the fight stupidization campaign in 2007, I had no idea how dire (and dumb) things would get.

Tell me something good

Let’s talk about writing, dogs or having a productive mid-life crisis.