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Hi. It’s me. Crystal.

I applied to be a writer for Cards Against Humanity. They never wrote me back. One time I met George Saunders, and he was very nice and Midwestern. My perfect day would include pizza, dogs and a hike. I don’t like it when people put “guru” in their LinkedIn headline. Sometimes I think we’re living in a Stephen King novel. I was in New York for work, wandered into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and accidentally took a picture of a ghost. I’d rather be happy than right. I try to bring order to chaos and chaos to order as the situation demands.


I’m a seasoned copywriter and creative director with meaningful experience in marketing and non-profit development. Before sitting at a desk, I spent many years on my feet in the hospitality industry, where I learned how to multi-task, handle stress with grace and make a mean martini. Please take a look at some of my favorite projects.

Things I do to avoid staring into the abyss

I write dark comedies for the stage. Under development: a play about the last truck stop in the world.

My social media posts are mostly pictures of my dog Ripley or last hike. But sometimes I like to dig a little deeper.

When I started the Fight stupidization. campaign in 2007, I had no idea how dire (and dumb) things would get.

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