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  • festival festivities

    Pacific Grove is having its annual spring celebration this weekend: multiple bands, local dance troupes, kids doing karate, dogs dressed in costumes, funnel cakes, crafts for sale, adults corralled in a beer garden (PG was dry until the mid-60s and evidently still frowns on people walking around with beers in their hands) and rides for the kids. […]

  • he came from somewhere back in my long ago

    Today, I will write about two important men in my life. First, Michael McDonald. My younger, more hip friends think I’m kidding when I get starry eyed over MMcD, but it’s all for real. He’s a cool cat. Pull out a random record from the ’70s, and he’s probably singing back up on it. I’ve […]

  • Friday list

    James and I saw Michael McDonald a couple of months ago. Though we were close enough to easily see sweat beads on the various performers, I was unable to capture a good shot of MMcD. Everyone else would show up just fine, but he was all white. Like a ghost. Perhaps his deep, soulful voice […]

  • old school, chicks I know

    I rented a PO box this week. Old school. Not for personal mail – it’s for the FIGHT STUPIDIZATION campaign. Once the new website is launched (perhaps a month or two from now), the new deal will be that you have to send a SASE to the PO box in order to receive a sticker. […]

  • wine and Bukowski on a Saturday night

    You know how the things you do when no one’s watching are often more illuminating of your character than what you do when people are around? Well, James is out of town this weekend, and I poured my first glass of wine today at 4:30PM. So I guess I need to think about what that […]

  • facing a fear

    Most of my life, I have run screaming from the song Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphey. I don’t know what happened to Mr. Murphy to make him write such a sad fuck of a song, but I hope he has gotten therapy since. Or maybe he’s just a sadist. I hated it when that song […]

  • convention doobie

    Michael McDonald and Bruce Springsteen are both performing at the convention tonight (though not together – can you imagine?). I dig it. MMcD is still sporting quite a mop of thick, white hair. He and Anderson Cooper should model for Silver Fox magazine, assuming there is one. If there isn’t, perhaps I have found my […]

  • Mike McDonald is amputee-friendly

    The Michael McDonald / Steely Dan concert Friday night was great. Once my back-sweat dried up and the sun went down, it was actually pretty comfy on the hill at Cynthia Woods Mitchell. The breeze was nice. I will never buy seats under the cover at that venue because it’s a fucking sweat pit down […]