With two decades of writing experience, I’ve created content for almost every medium. Here are a few of my favorite projects.

website, blog

I’m the creative director and lone copywriter at a marketing + data company in Monterey. We recently completed a rebrand, the first in the company’s 35-year history, which included updating the logo, tagline, and website.


I live in California but still have much love for my hometown of Houston. This video gives you a taste of why.

keynote speech

This is an excerpt from a speech written for the CEO of a national health insurance organization. The unexpected parallels drawn between free climbing and health data, supported by dramatic visuals, captured the audience’s attention.

multi-media campaign

This clean-air campaign took a light-hearted, non-judgmental approach to encouraging people to change their commutes. It was executed across print, digital, TV/radio, outdoor and social.


Health insurance can be overwhelming for even the most savvy consumer, so simplifying the story is key. Here’s a storyboard for a friendly video introducing a whole-health approach to dental care.

donor report

Here’s a detailed report on the state of the otters in Monterey Bay written for a nonprofit’s major donor.


Sometimes work can be delicious. Especially when you get to dream up a gelato flavor, have a local gelato company make it, then write the packaging copy.

direct mail

This mailer introduced a new health plan. My goal across all health insurance communications is to lessen the jargon and intimidation factor and increase the humanity.


Writing copy for my favorite theatre’s website? Yes, please.

public safety campaign

Houston has an issue with drivers hitting light-rail trains, so we thought positioning them as wild animals might catch more people’s attention.

one-minute play

A page in a script equals a minute on stage, and writing something meaningful in that length of time is an interesting challenge.

dog bios

Can we all agree that dogs are one of the best things about life?