adoptable dog bios

Though his foster describes Pez as “the Thinker” due to his deliberate, quiet approach to life, she also points out his face is worthy of Renoir. 

I volunteer for a local dog rescue that finds loving homes for senior dogs and dogs of seniors who can no longer care for a pet. I’m on the team that creates bios for adoptable dogs. I love writing stories that help these sweet faces find a soft place to land.


Here’s to Ophelia, lady of the lap, lover of treats and giver of sweet kisses. This mellow velcro doggie wants to be your steady companion, and she’s always at the ready for couch snuggles, car rides and short walks around the neighborhood.

Her wonderful Chihuahua-like ears are as expressive as her soulful brown eyes. We’re not sure where she spent the first decade of her life, but we’re very clear on how she’d like to spend the rest of it: lounging on a warm bed, having yummy things to eat and enjoying your loving attention.

Ophelia gets along great with the dogs she lives with at her foster home, which range in age from young to old. Though she tends to sit at the calm-and-relaxed end of the spectrum, meal time makes her particularly perky. Her lack of teeth hasn’t slowed down her appetite one bit. It’s just required a change of diet to soft foods.

Ophelia joined us from Santa Cruz Animal Shelter. She will make a great addition to your pack.


Beasley is a social guy who has yet to meet a dog or adult he didn’t like right off the bat. He encountered a turtle once and was curious, if not a bit confused, and children aren’t at the top of his guest list. But in general, he’s a happy little dude who loves spending time with his person.

Here’s Beasley’s ideal day. Start with a walk and plenty of sniffing. Home for breakfast and a quick nap under a blanket. Another walk around midday would be nice, hopefully followed by a delicious treat and a few tugs on a rope toy. Then naptime. Again. Next up is a session looking out the window in hopes a bird might show up or, even better, a dog will. If you forget about that pre-dinner walk, his soft little whine will jog your memory, then it’s back for mealtime and snuggles on the couch. 

Beasley’s dream home would be with a laid-back person who enjoys leisurely walks and having a couch buddy. He’s a delightful combination of well-mannered old man and excited little puppy. Consider him the best of both worlds and your new best friend.


What’s that tapping sound? It’s Leona, and she’s sharing her excitement by tap dancing in your kitchen. Excitement about what? Just about anything puts a smile on her face and gets her little legs moving. Going outside or going to another room, Leona is all about the journey—as long as it’s with you. She can barely handle it when she gets attention, so she provides a lot of positive reinforcement to make sure those head scratches and belly rubs continue. Is she training you? Maybe a little. But you won’t mind.

Leona may be short in stature, but she’s fearless about jumping up on the couch to relax next to you. The only issue is, she doesn’t always make it. She’ll keep trying, but some assistance would be great. She rides well in the car and is good on the leash, and she’s not much of a barker except when she hears you pull into the driveway. She appreciates being loved, so she listens carefully, sleeps quietly through the night and behaves like a good little girl. 

Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. If you need a pick me up, Leona is the dog for you! 


Though his foster describes Pez as “the Thinker” due to his deliberate, quiet approach to life, she also points out his face is worthy of Renoir. He does strike a dramatic pose. Big, beautiful eyes. A cap of black hair. Ears on alert. This little buddy is watching your every move so he can position himself nearby for a scratch, a treat or some love.

He gets along seamlessly with other dogs and settles effortlessly into your daily routine. He’s happy to explore and will follow your lead, whether that means hiking up a trail or sitting at home answering emails. He’s not needy or clingy. He just really enjoys your company. In fact, he might move his doggie bed a little closer to your desk or chair, if that’s okay with you. 

Pez gets along great with other dogs, children, cats and even lizards. He’s a little love bug. He’s also profoundly deaf, so he’ll look to you for guidance on navigating his way through life.