application redesign

Our flagship product, eSuite, was being under-utilized by our customers. Though the app housed a number of helpful features, users were only logging in to do one thing–fill out a new project worksheet–if they were logging in at all. We needed to rethink, retool, and revitalize this product to better showcase its capabilities, better meet the needs of our customers, and better reflect our team guidepost of simplifying the complex.

Improving the eSuite experience called for more than just a visual design refresh. It demanded an evolution. We spoke with our users, from the super-engaged to the “forgot my password so I never log in.” We collaborated across departments to understand capabilities, gain diverse perspectives, and push creative boundaries. We did our homework to research best practices and discover opportunities for improvement. And we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, empathizing with their needs every step of the way.

Agency: HMA
My role: Experience direction, research, content strategy, facilitation



We redesigned the customer experience to put the most important information and actions on the dashboard, so they were just a click away–not buried in multiple menu levels. We brightened up the user interface and added a chat function so customers felt less intimidated and more supported. And we provided a simple way to gain a high-level view at a glance, empowering customers with timely knowledge to improve their digital marketing efforts.