As a playwright, it was my pleasure to bring a depth of theatre insight to my day job. The client also happened to be my favorite local theatre company, and I’d been following their work for years. Agency: Langrand My role: Website copy    

public awareness campaign

New light rail lines were built right through the middle of neighborhoods across Houston, and it was time to run test trains before starting full service. Comparing the trains to large wild animals, we created a fun and engaging campaign that encouraged people to pay attention and think differently about the shiny new additions to theirContinue reading “public awareness campaign”

integrated campaign

Houston is a car city, so getting people to consider a commute that doesn’t include tightly gripping the wheel while stuck in traffic is no small task. Rather than create a campaign filled with guilt trips, we sent people on a journey that was a lot more fun. We shared stories from real people whoContinue reading “integrated campaign”


Introducing a presentation on Houston’s resiliency at a national conference of real estate developers Agency: Carrithers StudioMy role: Script writing Social media video to support summer campaign efforts Agency: HMAMy role: Copy Bringing a little drama to a typically dry topic: getting a regular eye exam Agency: LangrandMy role: Script writing