The Michael McDonald / Steely Dan concert Friday night was great. Once my back-sweat dried up and the sun went down, it was actually pretty comfy on the hill at Cynthia Woods Mitchell. The breeze was nice. I will never buy seats under the cover at that venue because it’s a fucking sweat pit down there (unless you’re in the first few rows and can feel the AC from the stage).

Something I thought was interesting is the fact that, within five minutes or so, I saw two women who were both missing an arm. This is not meant to be at all disrespectful to these two women. I can’t imagine what series of events had to happen to each of them to lose an arm. But I have to say, it’s a bit disconcerting to see two mono-armed women in such a short timespan. I’ll go, literally, years without seeing someone missing an arm. I don’t keep a spreadsheet about it or anything, but I’m generalizing. So, to see two such women, in such close proximity, was odd. I thought perhaps something was afoot. I started looking at the crowd a bit closer. Saw a bald woman who must have been undergoing chemo. A man who had a hard time walking. Then again, the man might have been drunk. The woman in front of us was under the extreme misperception that she was about 20 years younger and much more attractive than she was. There were at least 9 men who’d been told they looked like Michael McDonald. Carefully trimmed beard, white shock of hair. Their deck shoes belied their connection to the smoove groove. No man with any sense of decorum wears deck shoes. Proven fact.

Back to the one-arm-short women. One woman had a bit of a stub that stuck out from the cuff of her tee-shirt sleeve. Fine. The other woman, however, was missing the entire arm, so she had a floppy, empty sleeve. I’m not begruding anyone from wearing a “normal” shirt, but I do have to wonder about leaving the sleeve to flop in the breeze. Almost seems like you’d want to pin it down or even find a store that sold one-armed clothing. Man, that’s a good idea.

I’m sure I’m going to hell for even mentioning it, and I’m sorry. It’s taken me three days to be able to write about it. It’s just a curiosity. I wonder. But that’s what I do. Wonder. Respectfully.

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