an abiding love of cabins, nature, and good copy

Greetings, Getaway

Let’s work together

Your copywriter position was made for me. I’m passionate about the soul restoration found in nature. The meaningful solitude of a sun-dappled path. The deep rest enjoyed in a cozy cabin with stunning views, a fire pit, and no WiFi. I love what you’re doing and believe the experiences you’re empowering are of vital importance at this particular, complex moment in time.

In addition to my personal passion for the refuge you offer stressed-out, burned-out city dwellers, I also have the professional chops to do this job well:

  • Copywriter for 10 years
  • Currently creative director at a hospitality marketing company
  • Deep experience writing across every channel for a diversity of brands
  • Strong history of working remotely and staying on top of things

Please click on my name, top left, to visit my full portfolio. Below are a few things I’ve written about travel, enjoying nature, and loving cabins in the woods.

Plus, a few personal posts