catastrophe jackassery

bug-out bag: A portable bag that contains essential items to help you survive the first 72 hours of a disaster, whether you shelter in place or head for the hills. Typical items include water, dehydrated food, energy bars, fire-starting tools, first aid kit, hand-crank radio (ideally with a cellphone charger built in), duct tape, hatchet, poncho, etc. LivingContinue reading “catastrophe jackassery”

El Carmelo Cemetery

There are lots of ghost stories about the Monterey Peninsula, which is made up of Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and Carmel-by-the-Sea. Whether it’s the eerie feeling that comes in with the dense nighttime fog, the oddly shaped Monterey cypress trees that reach out to you from the sea or the many old shipwrecks at the bottom of Monterey Bay,Continue reading “El Carmelo Cemetery”

it’s all about context

I was out running Christmas-related errands Saturday morning when I saw a sign on the highway about the High Caliber Gun Show that was in Houston last weekend.  Evidently high-caliber gun shows go on whether or not there was a mass murder of 20 elementary school students and six adults the day before. Hey man,Continue reading “it’s all about context”

brains (I’m gonna live forever)

A couple of nights ago I watched an episode of Through the Wormhole that was about scientists who are seeking ways to extend our lifespans. Indefinitely. Because the reason we eventually die of “old age” (if we’re lucky enough to reach that point) is because our body gets shittier at replicating itself, making crappier andContinue reading “brains (I’m gonna live forever)”

liar liar pants on fire

This weekend I watched the 2007 documentary America’s Most Hated Family, which is about the Westboro Baptist cult. You know, the assholes who picket soldiers’ funerals (claiming that God is punishing America because of its acceptance of homosexuality) and hardware stores that carry Swedish vacuums (because, evidently, Swedish people like the gays) (plus, vacuums haveContinue reading “liar liar pants on fire”

the requisite end of the world post, part one

I thought the end of the world wasn’t coming until the third week of December 2012, so I’ve been caught a bit flat-footed. Rather than the nebulous, new age end referred to by the Mayans and slated for next year, tomorrow’s scheduled end is of the Jeebus variety. And since the Biblical end of theContinue reading “the requisite end of the world post, part one”