the end of the no-pants era (or, how I stopped telecommuting and learned to love the office)

I telecommuted 1,865 miles to work, full-time, for three years, three months and three weeks before starting a new (in-person) gig at a place that’s 2.5 miles from my house. My transition to telecommuting coincided with an even bigger experiment: moving from a big city in Texas to a small town in California. I wasContinue reading “the end of the no-pants era (or, how I stopped telecommuting and learned to love the office)”

have laptop, will travel

I’m free! Free to soak up someone else’s wifi! Free to eavesdrop! Free to be a jackass writing on a computer in a coffee shop! When I made the move to start working from home, I was really excited about being able to write on location. Inside, outside, any place I could get wifi. I was going toContinue reading “have laptop, will travel”

a rolling stone gathers no moss

And I, my friend, am rolling. After a decade spent slinging grants and obsessing over numbers, I’m leaving the development field behind to embark on a new journey. In a couple/few weeks, I’ll follow in my grandfather’s footsteps as I begin my new job at a marketing communications firm.  It’s a small shop that does bigContinue reading “a rolling stone gathers no moss”

quite peculiar in a funny sort of way

My new play The Singularity came in second for the Leah Ryan prize. Very cool. As a rule, I never mention my job in my blog, but two things today merit mention. One, as I walked in this morning, I crossed paths with (and said hello to) two astronauts who were in the building forContinue reading “quite peculiar in a funny sort of way”