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  • people get ready…

    …there’s a weather media blitz a comin’. The strong start to hurricane season is getting everyone’s panties in a wad, so in honor of that I thought I’d share the hurricane preparation guide I wrote for Houstonist back in 2007. Didn’t know I used to write a fake advice column, did you? You did? Oh. […]

  • Huh.

    The temperature readout on my car no longer shows numbers. Now it just says, “What the FUCK?” I’d leave the windows down a bit, but I’m worried a squirrel will get inside or someone will pee in my car. I related this fear to a couple of coworkers, and they thought it odd that I’d […]

  • we’re freaking out, man

    Stopped by Target after work yesterday to buy a few last minute essentials for our trip to California. Mini-mouthwash, sunblock, that sort of thing. And, of course, liquid anti-bacterial soap, something we always take when we travel so we can go from petting a goat (because we do a lot of that on trips) to […]

  • how’d you do?

    A new phrase has entered the vernacular this week in reference to the hurricane: How’d you do. Everywhere you go – work, grocery store, getting gas – people ask this question. They barely wait for you to mention the branches or the power or whatever before launching into their own tale of woe. So you […]

  • well THAT was interesting

    I said in my last post that I was morbidly excited about the arrival of the hurricane. Boy did it deliver. I was scared shitless. The first huge tree section landed on the house about 1:30AM, and it was a crazy ride until about 7AM. I’ve never experienced anything like it, nor have I experienced […]

  • on a different note

    Since we’ve been without power since the storm hit, it wasn’t until I got to work this morning that I started seeing images from the hardest hit areas. My God.

  • don’t say “hunker” or I’ll punch you in the arm

    I’m glad that the only time I hear the word “hunker” is hurricane season. I don’t think I could stand hearing that word year-round. It’s just so ugly sounding. Hunker down sounds like something you do in mud. Pig-shitty mud. Yuck. We’ve prepared as much as we’re going to for this storm. We have bottled […]

  • I stand corrected, for now

    When I woke up early this morning, I immediately checked out the weather situation. I expected to find that the storm had taken a turn to the left and was headed straight for Galveston. Why? Because the local news has been decidedly low-key about this strong storm. Perhaps they’re chastened from making such a big […]

  • it’s haute

    It sucks when I really want to tell you something but I can’t because it’s not appropriate. I have a great story to share, but it’ll have to wait until the dust settles. It’s really funny… The reprieve from the heat has almost quelled my annual August “I have to move the fuck away from […]