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  • Del Boca Vista, 2014

    Del Boca Vista, 2014

    You can’t keep us out.

  • have laptop, will travel

    I’m free! Free to soak up someone else’s wifi! Free to eavesdrop! Free to be a jackass writing on a computer in a coffee shop! When I made the move to start working from home, I was really excited about being able to write on location. Inside, outside, any place I could get wifi. I was going to […]

  • moving long distance, cross-country, Texas to California

    (This post is tiny payback for the many helpful online resources I used when we were planning our move. Feel free to skip if you’re not moving.) (It’s really long.) The move: Houston, Texas to Monterey, California. Approximately 1,850 miles. Two people, two cars, two dogs, a three-bedroom house full of stuff. March 2014. The […]

  • you win, Bunker Hill HEB grocery sackers

    We have a winner! In what has been an ongoing competition for shittiest job of sacking groceries at the Bunker Hill HEB, the young lady who bagged my stuff today is the grand champion. This comes after four-and-a-half years of going to this store every weekend and experiencing moderately shitty to super shitty grocery bagging […]

  • turn around, bright eyes

    I did a bit of organizing in iPhoto (why not? we’re organizing everything else we own). Instead of random video clips being sprinkled among thousands of photos, I now have a nice little album with nothing but videos. Videos that I hadn’t seen in a while. Didn’t even remember I had. Maybe had never actually […]

  • kill your TV, but only partially

    I’m not going to become one of those people. You know the type. They grab any opportunity to loudly proclaim they don’t watch television. “I haven’t owned a TV in YEARS,” they gush, their words slightly muffled by the fact that they’re fellating themselves. Not going to do that. But I do want to tell […]

  • by request: beer cap Christmas wreath instructions

  • so long, farewell, auf weiderzen, fuck off

    I recently ended my decades-long relationship with Bank of A(ss)merica and moved my checking and savings accounts to a credit union. This was something I’d wanted to do for some time but hadn’t out of pure, grade A laziness. The final kick in the ass was BofA’s announcement of a $5 monthly fee for using […]

  • it’s a gas gas gas

    (for those who subscribe to this blog – doing a bit of housekeeping, and it seems that a couple/few old posts republished themselves – sorry about that) My car was almost out of gas. I probably could have gone another 20 or 30 miles after the light comes on, but I don’t like to take […]