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  • I’ve become a Dead fan, I guess

    I’ve become a Dead fan, I guess

    Before James and I got together, I only had a passing acquaintance with the Grateful Dead. I didn’t own any of their music, but I could sing along with a few songs. I remember the day Jerry died, mostly because I was bartending back then and had a regular who I knew would be devastated […]

  • ain’t no free (except outside our house)

    Monthly heavy trash pickup in our neighborhood is this week. We’d been waiting for this opportunity to get rid of a lot of things we hadn’t found a home for, and I was excited to get the stuff out of the house yesterday. Evidently the roaming neighborhood pickers were excited for us to get the […]

  • that time I went sleepwalking

    James was in the den watching TV. It was around 11:30PM, and I’d gone to bed an hour or so earlier. He heard the door to the laundry room open, the light switch flip and the door close, which was odd. The laundry room is so tiny you have to leave the door open in […]

  • Monday dump

    When we go to California on vacation, one of the ways we offset being in an expensive part of the country is by preparing some of our meals instead of eating out the whole time. We always go to Trader Joe’s to get inexpensive food and–more importantly–inexpensive wine. I’m excited that TJ is opening stores […]

  • open letter

    Dear Man Jogging Down I-10 Around 7PM Tonight During Heavy Traffic, I saw you for the first time a couple of hours ago on my way home from work. I was driving my car on the freeway when something caught my eye. It was something that moved unlike a car. A bit of whimsy in […]

  • easily startled

    When I’m out and about, I often find something to pick up for my niece or nephew. Just random, little things. A shiny round monkey purse for Molly, or a 1950s cub scout guide for Rowan (found in the “nostalgia” section at Half Price Books). There’s a table by my front door where I put […]

  • a slightly different way to go green

    At the airport about a month ago, while waiting for a small, propeller-powered plane to bring me back to Houston, I met a young woman who cut a tough swagger. Covered in tattoos. Face, neck, arms, legs. Probably other places. And she had that “don’t fuck with me” look on her face. So I didn’t. […]

  • run, Forrest, run

    On my way to work this morning, I was over near I-10 and Hardy (on the feeder road) when I saw a uniformed HPD officer running down the street. I looked around to see who/what he was chasing/being chased by. Didn’t see anything. Then I noticed he was wearing a backpack with something very heavy […]

  • the future, it is here!

    My friends, tonight I took one step into what used to be the future but is now today. (Or maybe a couple of years ago – sometimes I’m a late bloomer.) I mentioned recently that I’d signed up for Skype. I have friends in other states/countries whom I’d like to communicate with, and Skype’s free […]