Jackson’s Index

Number of hours spent in the minivan we rented to drive home for Christmas : 70 Miles driven : 4,309 Least paid for regular unleaded gas : $1.99/gallon (in Texas) Most paid : $2.99/gallon (in California, near the airport) Weather conditions driven through : snow, fog, rain Most fun, yet undocumented, coincidence : passing mile 420 onContinue reading “Jackson’s Index”

what did I do today? not much–just went to a DOG PARADE

If I ever had doubts this was the right place for us to move (haven’t so far), they would have been squashed today under hundreds of furry little doggie paws. Yes, the annual Feast of Lanterns celebration features a DOG PARADE (has to be written in all caps because DOG PARADE) through the middle of downtownContinue reading “what did I do today? not much–just went to a DOG PARADE”

the week in wildlife

My parents came out for a visit toward the end of last week. We did it up right, traveling all over the Monterey Bay area, even spending Mother’s Day down in Big Sur. They could’ve stayed at our tiny place, but we would had to have slept like Charlie’s grandparents in Willie Wonka. To this point,Continue reading “the week in wildlife”

manifest destiny’s child, aka westward hos

Clear cold water crashes against the craggy coast and sprays barking seals lazing on white beaches. Dramatic cliffs drop to sea level, giving way to farmland filled with avocados, strawberries and artichokes. Mystical fog rolls in, and when it rolls back out everything twinkles. Echoes of Beats and Deadheads ring through a city that isContinue reading “manifest destiny’s child, aka westward hos”

blue skies and bottles of wine

James and I just returned from a trip to California’s central coast, where we celebrated his birthday and renewed our spirits. We hit San Francisco, Monterey/Pacific Grove and Big Sur. Though those places can often be cold and foggy, we had blue skies and balmy days with brisk, clear nights. Places of interest: de YoungContinue reading “blue skies and bottles of wine”