quite peculiar in a funny sort of way

My new play The Singularity came in second for the Leah Ryan prize. Very cool. As a rule, I never mention my job in my blog, but two things today merit mention. One, as I walked in this morning, I crossed paths with (and said hello to) two astronauts who were in the building forContinue reading “quite peculiar in a funny sort of way”

finding your porpoise

Last night I experienced the first read-through of my new play The Singularity. The actors all did a great job (which was to be expected). The work seemed to resonate with them in various ways (which was hoped for but not counted on). There are places where the play needs room to expand, and there’sContinue reading “finding your porpoise”

rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated*

– I was clicking around on twitter last night in hopes that someone had posted a link to something interesting to read when I happened upon the news that Leslie Nielsen died. I only follow 259 accounts, many of which are news sites, restaurants or arts organizations rather than individuals. Yet it was the individualsContinue reading “rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated*”

Mondays, zombies, drama nerds

Case of the Mondays. This weather makes me want to run barefoot through the grass, waving my arms above my head and laughing like a fool. Instead, I’m inside at work. Wearing shoes. Not laughing. One apocalypse scenario I’m no longer worried about surviving? Zombie. That is, if the teenage sackers at the HEB onContinue reading “Mondays, zombies, drama nerds”