like camp, only with booze

Great Plains Theatre Conference. Nine days in Omaha. Spirited conversations with witty, articulate people from all over the country. Warm Midwestern hospitality. Lots of wine, good food and new friends. No sleep, quiet time or tornadoes. And I would happily do it all over again (but let me take a nap first). When The SingularityContinue reading “like camp, only with booze”

bitches be melodramatic

American Theatre magazine (the rag for Theatre Communications Group) asks random questions on facebook every day. Here’s one from a while ago: What advice would you give to a theatre newbie/aspirant? While some of the answers were thoughtful, there were many less useful ones such as: If there’s ANYTHING else you enjoy, do that. get aContinue reading “bitches be melodramatic”

THE SINGULARITY sees the light of day (in a dark theater)

THE SINGULARITY. My first full-length play experienced its first public reading last Saturday. This was in Dallas at Kitchen Dog Theater during their new play fest. They read six new plays over two weekends. And it was fanfuckingtastic. THE THEATER. I didn’t know what to expect. The communications from the artistic directors (Tina and Chris)Continue reading “THE SINGULARITY sees the light of day (in a dark theater)”

Flagellating in Chicago

Chicago folks – Flagellating the Boss is appearing next weekend in the Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins festival. The play is being produced by Revolution Theatre Company, who produced the stuffed animal play in this festival four years ago. My first repeat customer! My play is at 1PM on Saturday, August 20th. The festivalContinue reading “Flagellating in Chicago”