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  • life after the DOG PARADE

  • what did I do today? not much–just went to a DOG PARADE

    If I ever had doubts this was the right place for us to move (haven’t so far), they would have been squashed today under hundreds of furry little doggie paws. Yes, the annual Feast of Lanterns celebration features a DOG PARADE (has to be written in all caps because DOG PARADE) through the middle of downtown […]

  • the view from here

  • like flies on the same turd

    In my ongoing search to find some people for us to drink wine with ’round these parts, I was thinking that maybe I would go to the weekly poetry slam in Monterey (they encourage all sorts of performance, not just poetry). You know, meet some other writers. Maybe we’d have something in common. I disliked them […]

  • benches

    Often on our treks through hill and dale we encounter benches in the middle of nowhere. Not just places to sit, the benches are memorials inscribed with names of the departed. Sometimes they’re tucked away in a quiet corner at a turn in the trail, and sometimes they look out on a spectacular view at the edge of the […]

  • dispatch from the west

  • run for your lives–June is here!

    James and I celebrated our 11th anniversary last week by going to a fancy (for us) restaurant. You know the place–the tiny meal comes stacked on top of itself so the flavors can all meld together and shit. The service is attentive without being overbearing. Subdued yet tasteful decor. Expensive bill. We typically like more down […]

  • psychedelic Sunday

    We had a big day of hiking yesterday so decided to take it easy today and just bring some sandwiches to the beach. We found a bench not far from Point Pinos Lighthouse, which is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast. We were not trailblazers, eating on this bench, as the wildlife soon […]

  • the week in wildlife

    My parents came out for a visit toward the end of last week. We did it up right, traveling all over the Monterey Bay area, even spending Mother’s Day down in Big Sur. They could’ve stayed at our tiny place, but we would had to have slept like Charlie’s grandparents in Willie Wonka. To this point, […]