El Carmelo Cemetery

There are lots of ghost stories about the Monterey Peninsula, which is made up of Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and Carmel-by-the-Sea. Whether it’s the eerie feeling that comes in with the dense nighttime fog, the oddly shaped Monterey cypress trees that reach out to you from the sea or the many old shipwrecks at the bottom of Monterey Bay,Continue reading “El Carmelo Cemetery”

that time I went sleepwalking

James was in the den watching TV. It was around 11:30PM, and I’d gone to bed an hour or so earlier. He heard the door to the laundry room open, the light switch flip and the door close, which was odd. The laundry room is so tiny you have to leave the door open inContinue reading “that time I went sleepwalking”

this dog food’s delicious (I’ll kill you)

Weird shit goes on in this house. I’ve mentioned the grave (we assume and hope it’s for a dog) in our backyard. Electronics and lights turn themselves on. There are noises. Feet shuffling through the living room when no one’s there. The doorknob jiggling late at night (and, according to the peephole in the frontContinue reading “this dog food’s delicious (I’ll kill you)”

transitions, portals and doorways

That last post about Dali always being underfoot, especially in doorways, garnered a comment from Tim Joe that was more interesting than the post itself. Here is his comment, along with my response. Guarding the portal. Doorways are transitional areas and it is quite normal for creatures to linger between two rooms or two differentContinue reading “transitions, portals and doorways”

come on baby light my FIE-YUH

Since it’s been slightly sorta cool-ish, James and I have been enjoying a fire in the chiminea and a glass of wine in the back 40 each evening. I took this shot Friday night and thought, “Oh lookie, some orbs. Cool.” I know, I know…orbs are caused by particles in the air captured by theContinue reading “come on baby light my FIE-YUH”

Mondays, zombies, drama nerds

Case of the Mondays. This weather makes me want to run barefoot through the grass, waving my arms above my head and laughing like a fool. Instead, I’m inside at work. Wearing shoes. Not laughing. One apocalypse scenario I’m no longer worried about surviving? Zombie. That is, if the teenage sackers at the HEB onContinue reading “Mondays, zombies, drama nerds”