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  • tales from the city

    Our last-minute “where should we go today?” game late yesterday morning ended up sending us to San Francisco.  We hadn’t been to the city since we moved here and were happy to find it was an easy two-hour drive. Every other trip to San Francisco has taken a lot of planning, an airplane and hotel […]

  • gift suggestions for people you don’t like

    I started putting together this gift guide to assist you with your Christmas shopping. Specifically for people you are a) mad at or b) don’t much care for. Alas, I neglected to get this out there during the holidays. Let’s remedy that now. THE WINE RACK – You’re going to a game or concert, and […]

  • stink eye

    I always get my weekly grocery shopping out of the way on Sunday morning, no matter how late my Saturday night might have been. If you don’t go early on Sunday, you end up knee-deep in the throngs of slow shoppers. They chat in front of the produce scales instead of weighing their shit and […]

  • connectivity

    Our dryer started really sucking as an appliance. Sucking energy because it took more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes. Sucking my time because it was taking longer and longer to do the laundry after work. The laundry was backing up such that I was almost to the point of having to […]

  • sexist baby clothes

    Babies babies everywhere… I’m going to a friend’s baby shower this weekend. Then I’m throwing another friend a shower in October and doing one for my sister-in-law in November (yes, Tohner’s wife is pregnant – first grandchild for my parents and first kid in our generation of Jacksons, so this is BIG news) (but not […]

  • a vampire at Half-Price Books

    There’s a vampire working at Half-Price Books on Westheimer in the Montrose. At least, I’m pretty sure HE thinks he’s a vampire. And maybe he is, what the hell do I know. As he rang my purchases, we made small talk. I said that it was amazingly beautiful outside, and I was sorry he was […]

  • grocery shopping, fruit

    Every Sunday morning, I go grocery shopping at Central Market. Early. It’s really a pleasant experience, fondling the produce, when there aren’t a lot of people around. For the past few weeks, the strawberries (in bulk) have been especially pretty. And for the past few weeks, as I’ve hand-picked a dozen or so, this keeps […]

  • books books books

    I just popped over to Bookstop at lunch. It’s dangerous for me to go to a bookstore because I always spend too much money and bring home books that I don’t have room for – or, I should say, books that I don’t have shelves for. I can always find a place to stash them. […]

  • thanks for the effort

    After downing two glasses of water and a homemade lemonade (tangy deliciousness) at Hobbit Cafe last night, my bladder was pretty much at capacity by the time I got to my next destination – Spec’s. While trying to find the potty, I ran into a guy I used to work with at the Satellite. He […]