Category: science

  • I’ve always wanted a dinosaur

    Not a real one because it would probably eat Stella. Just a super cool, kind of scary, fairly large replica for the yard. Though this skeleton version is pretty neat (and only $100,000), I prefer the kind with everything. Dino on left: What the–dammit! Who left this here? Dino on right: What are you talking about […]

  • psychedelic Sunday

    We had a big day of hiking yesterday so decided to take it easy today and just bring some sandwiches to the beach. We found a bench not far from Point Pinos Lighthouse, which is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast. We were not trailblazers, eating on this bench, as the wildlife soon […]

  • that’ll leave a mark

    It’s not Martha’s fault. Not really. I mean, her recipe specified a “medium” saucepan for the boiling water to which I was to add a steady stream of cornmeal. Maybe one person’s medium is the next felon’s large. I’ve been cooking for a long time, so I should be capable of determining what size pan […]

  • hillbilly renaissance

    In an odd (but not uncommon) meeting of the minds, James and I separately purchased the above two items. He bought the Ole Smoky moonshine at Spec’s, and I picked up the Old South pickled eggs at the grocery store. Perhaps this relates to a subtle desire to get back to the land. To simplify. […]