I’ve become a Dead fan, I guess

Before James and I got together, I only had a passing acquaintance with the Grateful Dead. I didn’t own any of their music, but I could sing along with a few songs. I remember the day Jerry died, mostly because I was bartending back then and had a regular who I knew would be devastatedContinue reading “I’ve become a Dead fan, I guess”

thangs is strange in the PG

– Mexican food. Eating at the bar to avoid the 45-minute wait for a table. Nearing the end of our small basket of chips (these people may not have queso, but their guacamole is the tits), when the guy sitting next to us pushes over his basket. Says he’s done with them. Oh. Thanks? StrangerContinue reading “thangs is strange in the PG”

well that was awkward

While working for Channel 8, I was a member of the UH gym. It’s a brand new facility with all the latest equipment, and I liked exercising there. (Forget the fact that I was often the oldest person in the gym, including staff, instructors and moms who were there picking up their college-age students.) WhenContinue reading “well that was awkward”