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  • I’ve become a Dead fan, I guess

    I’ve become a Dead fan, I guess

    Before James and I got together, I only had a passing acquaintance with the Grateful Dead. I didn’t own any of their music, but I could sing along with a few songs. I remember the day Jerry died, mostly because I was bartending back then and had a regular who I knew would be devastated […]

  • no pants workday

    Now that I work from home full-time, my entire routine has changed. There’s the obvious–not getting up to a squawking alarm, not packing a lunch, not sitting in traffic, not making small talk. But there are a lot of other changes I hadn’t anticipated. Like the view. My desk is situated between two windows that look out on […]

  • thangs is strange in the PG

    – Mexican food. Eating at the bar to avoid the 45-minute wait for a table. Nearing the end of our small basket of chips (these people may not have queso, but their guacamole is the tits), when the guy sitting next to us pushes over his basket. Says he’s done with them. Oh. Thanks? Stranger […]

  • lil hos

    This weekend, while other people were clogging the arteries of grocery stores buying food for Thanksgiving, I was hitting other stores buying gifts for Christmas. I do most of my shopping online because I don’t like doing it in person, but there are some things I like to buy in real time. Like clothes for […]

  • Friday list

    got rid of my po box: The experiment failed. A year ago I rented a PO box for the FIGHT STUPIDIZATION campaign. It was meant to be a place where people could mail me a SASE, which I would return with one or two FS stickers inside. After mailing out over 500 stickers, the postage […]

  • well that was awkward

    While working for Channel 8, I was a member of the UH gym. It’s a brand new facility with all the latest equipment, and I liked exercising there. (Forget the fact that I was often the oldest person in the gym, including staff, instructors and moms who were there picking up their college-age students.) When […]

  • the word

    James had a gig in Austin Friday night. It was just a few days past our eighth (!) anniversary, so it seemed a good excuse to have a weekend away. I haven’t spent much time in Austin the past few years and was a bit surprised by all of the road construction. It could have […]

  • mobile tee shirt sales this Saturday

    Here are the first few FIGHT STUPIDIZATION tee shirt orders, ready for pick up and delivery. I’m going to be at Onion Creek this Saturday, 2PM-4PM, quietly selling shirts for $10 each (I say quietly because I don’t want to be kicked out of the place – if you come by, maybe you could buy […]

  • the tee shirts are here!

    Okay, folks. The FIGHT STUPIDIZATION tee shirts are here. I have mens (M, L, XL, 2XL) and womens sizes (S, M, L, XL). Be warned that the womens sizes run pretty small.  Shirts are $10 each if I can meet you and do a hand off, add $5 per order (not per tee shirt) if […]