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  • 2020 year in review

    2020 year in review

    JANUARY The year began like any other. Played some Wii, gave the dog a taste of champagne at midnight, went to bed at 12:05AM, had ham, black eyes, cabbage and cornbread on the 1st and got on with the business at hand. Which, at that point, was probably wondering what I’m doing with my one […]

  • tick/spam/Omaha/breasts

    (sorry for the lack of narrative in this post–it’s a good reflection of the inside of my brain right now) ticktickticktick The theme song sound for 60 Minutes always bums me out. For decades now, that ticking clock has signaled the end of the weekend. Doesn’t matter if I hear it on a Wednesday afternoon […]

  • Monday dump

    When we go to California on vacation, one of the ways we offset being in an expensive part of the country is by preparing some of our meals instead of eating out the whole time. We always go to Trader Joe’s to get inexpensive food and–more importantly–inexpensive wine. I’m excited that TJ is opening stores […]

  • cunning folk

    Wanted to knock out a quick post before my friend Lisa comes over for dinner. She’s in town from New Haven, which always makes me think of witches. I guess the “haven” part gets transmogrified in my brain to coven or something. It also seems like a place where Stephen King would set a story […]

  • Thursday list (courtesy of Reddit)

    Sometimes in the morning I like to poke around on Reddit instead of reading about how fucked up the world is on all the various news sites. Reddit shows you how fucked up things are too, but there’s usually a good dose of humor to make it go down easier. Here are a few of […]

  • open letter

    Dear Man Jogging Down I-10 Around 7PM Tonight During Heavy Traffic, I saw you for the first time a couple of hours ago on my way home from work. I was driving my car on the freeway when something caught my eye. It was something that moved unlike a car. A bit of whimsy in […]

  • planning ahead

    When I finally have that nervous breakdown that I’ve been saving up for all these years, I’d like to be taken to a place like this while I convalesce (though I’d prefer a fluffier couch). This little hobbit house looks like a great spot to read a book, take a nap and get one’s general […]

  • a slightly different way to go green

    At the airport about a month ago, while waiting for a small, propeller-powered plane to bring me back to Houston, I met a young woman who cut a tough swagger. Covered in tattoos. Face, neck, arms, legs. Probably other places. And she had that “don’t fuck with me” look on her face. So I didn’t. […]

  • well that was odd

    Someone just knocked on the door/rang the bell. We weren’t expecting anyone. I wasn’t wearing a bra. I quickly put one on. I look through the peep hole. A small, chubby woman or maybe a child has his/her back to the door. I open the door. The dogs are going crazy. It’s a cacophony of […]