I saw a one-legged woman on crutches doing her grocery shopping. She nudged the basket with her body because her hands were busy on the crutches. Did the fat scooter people who were riding around buying shitty food feel a little bit lazy? Do people who have obnoxious vanity plates on their car feel likeContinue reading “questions”

Travels with Charley, redux (the conflicted edition)

I woke up on the roadside, daydreamin’ ’bout the way things sometimes are. – Dylan I’ve been caught up in thoughts about honesty and writing, specifically honesty in writing, after my father alerted me to the new-ish controversy surrounding my favorite read of late, Travels with Charley.  A writer set off to follow Steinbeck’s routeContinue reading “Travels with Charley, redux (the conflicted edition)”

Friday list

– If I’m still alive when the inevitable “end” comes and find myself sitting in a tent gnawing on the hindquarters of a skinny rat in the moonlight, I will think back upon this dessert as a sure sign of what was to come. A society that creates this bullshit deserves a kick squarely inContinue reading “Friday list”

I swear I’m not crazy. No really. Why are you walking away?

An update on Facebook Drama Queen: she recently posted about something that is generally reviled by most thinking people, stating her strong distaste for the topic. As if she is blazing a trail of rebellion against something that, in reality, pretty much everyone agrees is crap. Her sycophants chimed in with words of support forContinue reading “I swear I’m not crazy. No really. Why are you walking away?”