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  • Del Boca Vista, 2014

    del boca vista

    You can’t keep us out.

  • we are all a work in progress

    Before we moved to California, James and I had a lot of conversations about what life might be like once we got here–how much we’d miss our families and friends (a lot), whether we’d find a restaurant that serves queso (no), if we’d have extravagant utility bills (luckily, no), if our house would be big enough to hold […]

  • one year ago today

    We rolled into Pacific Grove around 3:30PM. We didn’t have a place to live, and our worldly possessions were on a trailer somewhere between here and Texas. But we had each other and our dogs and it was good. And it’s been good. An experience, as it was intended to be. After going home in […]

  • too early to start drankin’

    So I guess I’ll do an end of the year post instead. Here’s some random shit I noticed this year. When you see your people after a long time apart, it almost makes your heart explode for the first couple of moments, then it’s like no time has passed and you settle into a delightful groove. When it’s […]

  • sometimes it’s nice not being on the inside

    This blog has frequently hosted my ramblings about Houston, both positive and negative. The negative usually focused on the things I felt Houston was losing to the ever-present push of “progress.” Tear down the Astrodome and install a monument that “celebrates the Astrodome.” Tear down a burger joint that’s been hopping for 50 years, pave the whole […]

  • like flies on the same turd

    In my ongoing search to find some people for us to drink wine with ’round these parts, I was thinking that maybe I would go to the weekly poetry slam in Monterey (they encourage all sorts of performance, not just poetry). You know, meet some other writers. Maybe we’d have something in common. I disliked them […]

  • moving long distance, cross-country, Texas to California

    (This post is tiny payback for the many helpful online resources I used when we were planning our move. Feel free to skip if you’re not moving.) (It’s really long.) The move: Houston, Texas to Monterey, California. Approximately 1,850 miles. Two people, two cars, two dogs, a three-bedroom house full of stuff. March 2014. The […]

  • what a long, strange trip it is

    We left Houston, Texas March 7, 2014. We arrived in Pacific Grove, California March 9, 2014. We traveled 1,850 miles, each of us accompanied by a dog. My car reached a milestone on the journey. All 6s. Most of the long drive across the desert southwest looked like this, including the bug residue. Which reminds […]

  • we’re here!

    The Monterey Hillbillies arrived on the west coast Sunday night. That drive across the desert was long. I’ll put up a full post soon, but here’s a sneak peek of how our traveling companions are holding up. They’re confused but willing.  

  • Houston, in pictures

  • police blotter

    There are three towns right next to each other on the Monterey peninusla–Monterey, Pacific Grove and Carmel-by-the-Sea–so I’ve been reading the Monterey County Weekly and the Carmel Pine Cone to get familiar with the area. The Pine Cone arrives Friday morning, and each week my favorite thing to do is read the police blotter. Something […]

  • ain’t no free (except outside our house)

    Monthly heavy trash pickup in our neighborhood is this week. We’d been waiting for this opportunity to get rid of a lot of things we hadn’t found a home for, and I was excited to get the stuff out of the house yesterday. Evidently the roaming neighborhood pickers were excited for us to get the […]