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  • the five stages of jigsaw puzzling

    the five stages of jigsaw puzzling

    James and I have survived five months of sheltering in place and spending 24 hours a day together, minus trips to the grocery store and solo hikes. But will our relationship survive attempting to complete a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle over a long weekend? Let’s see!

  • going home again

    going home again

    Links Hotel El Capitan Lei Low Pinkerton’s Barbecue Morningstar

  • a plan for the future

    a plan for the future

    The one where an introvert dreams of living in a commune.

  • don’t be a tourist

    don’t be a tourist

    A newborn bison was euthanized Monday because a couple of tourists in Yellowstone thought it would be a good idea to give the little feller a ride in their warm SUV (it was cold outside), causing the mom and rest of the herd to later reject it. Tourists reaching the end of the Appalachian Trail are behaving so […]

  • catastrophe jackassery

    bug-out bag: A portable bag that contains essential items to help you survive the first 72 hours of a disaster, whether you shelter in place or head for the hills. Typical items include water, dehydrated food, energy bars, fire-starting tools, first aid kit, hand-crank radio (ideally with a cellphone charger built in), duct tape, hatchet, poncho, etc. Living […]

  • this blog is 10 years old on Sunday

    That’s like 1,000 years in blog-time. This is my longest-lived writing project and most meaningful one, even though it’s mostly just poop jokes. To commemorate the occasion, for the next few days I’m going to share some favorite posts from the 965 I’ve written so far. Yes, I actually scanned back through a decade of this bullshit. Then I […]

  • when the sun goes down, I think of Charles Bukowski

    when the sun goes down, I think of Charles Bukowski

    I like to imagine what he might think about the world today. Not that I knew the guy, it’s just an interesting exercise.

  • have laptop, will travel

    I’m free! Free to soak up someone else’s wifi! Free to eavesdrop! Free to be a jackass writing on a computer in a coffee shop! When I made the move to start working from home, I was really excited about being able to write on location. Inside, outside, any place I could get wifi. I was going to […]

  • turn around, bright eyes

    I did a bit of organizing in iPhoto (why not? we’re organizing everything else we own). Instead of random video clips being sprinkled among thousands of photos, I now have a nice little album with nothing but videos. Videos that I hadn’t seen in a while. Didn’t even remember I had. Maybe had never actually […]