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  • don’t make me put my bra on, or why Russo’s NY Coal-Fired Pizzeria can suck it

    My first clue that this wasn’t going to end well was the fact that Russo’s NY Coal-Fired Pizzeria is located in the following states: Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Arkansas. Nothing makes me think of NYC pizza more than Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Arkansas. I ignored this blinking warning sign and forged ahead with my delivery […]

  • so long, farewell, auf weiderzen, fuck off

    I recently ended my decades-long relationship with Bank of A(ss)merica and moved my checking and savings accounts to a credit union. This was something I’d wanted to do for some time but hadn’t out of pure, grade A laziness. The final kick in the ass was BofA’s announcement of a $5 monthly fee for using […]

  • I need to get out more

    New drinkin’ hole: Went to House of Blues Saturday night to see Dark Star Orchestra. It was my first visit to the venue. I liked it okay, though the drink prices are like you’re at the airport. Before going to HOB, we had a drink at a cute little bar across the street called Reserve. […]

  • run, Forrest, run

    On my way to work this morning, I was over near I-10 and Hardy (on the feeder road) when I saw a uniformed HPD officer running down the street. I looked around to see who/what he was chasing/being chased by. Didn’t see anything. Then I noticed he was wearing a backpack with something very heavy […]

  • called for jury duty, 2005

    I’m off today. Sitting at home, waiting for my new desktop to arrive. Since my computer will have a clean slate, I thought the room it will live in should be focused on the present/future. Old projects need to be completed or let go. I spent the first half of the day going through more […]

  • teenage diplomat

    (I’ll be back to dick jokes in the next post, so forgive me this droopy one.) It began as usual. On the drive home after work last week, I stopped at the corner near my office. The last light before the freeway. The same woman was there with her change cup, just as she’s been […]

  • tribute to Stephen Adams this Friday

    Picture Book is hosting a musical tribute to the life and legacy of Stephen Adams this Friday in the back yard of the Continental Club, starting around 8PM. Picture Book features a couple of guys who played with Stephen Adams in the Dreambreakers, and for this special show they will call on other local musicians […]

  • you say potato, I say RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! THERE’S A SNAKE!!!

    Stella the Ratdog and I were just settling down for our usual Sunday afternoon snooze when James came into the room to tell me about the SNAKE he’d caught in the backyard. Our backyard is usually a jamboree of squirrels and birds, especially as the days get warmer. Saturday morning, there were easily 100 robins […]

  • you bet your biffy and other news

    While perusing a travel catalog that arrived in the mail, I ran across an item called a “biffy bag.” It’s a personal disposable toilet. I couldn’t understand how it works, exactly, because it looks like a trash bag with a piece of foil attached to it. After a google, I was happy to find this […]