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  • Manifest Destiny’s Child

    Manifest Destiny’s Child

    Clear cold water crashes against the craggy coast and sprays barking seals lazing on white beaches. Dramatic cliffs drop to sea level, giving way to farmland filled with avocados, strawberries and artichokes.

  • basketball goal: 2, sweet little birds: 0

    First: my radio silence of late. I think this site is in transition. To what, I’m not sure. Rather than just let things dangle, eventually to wither and fall off, I’m going to redesign Which, I hope, will make my goals for my blog a little more clear. It’s not that I don’t have […]

  • does anybody really know what time it is?

    The yellow tag above was hanging on our door yesterday, alerting us to a water outage. They’re ripping up the two blocks that make up our little neighborhood, an endeavor they say will take nine months or more. Yippee! They begin each morning at 6:30, usually hammering something massive into the ground to rip up […]

  • dinosaurs!

  • THE SINGULARITY sees the light of day (in a dark theater)

    THE SINGULARITY. My first full-length play experienced its first public reading last Saturday. This was in Dallas at Kitchen Dog Theater during their new play fest. They read six new plays over two weekends. And it was fanfuckingtastic. THE THEATER. I didn’t know what to expect. The communications from the artistic directors (Tina and Chris) […]

  • and like that, a piece of my childhood disappeared

    Actually, it’s been gone for a few years. Not my childhood (that’s been gone for a long time). A piece of my childhood. A big neon roach sign on the side of a freeway. A sign that, coincidentally, was 42 when it was taken off its post. Interesting. I’m not a fan of the creepy-crawlies, […]

  • renewing my TDL, or the fifth circle

    Yesterday I completed a rite of citizenry that I haven’t had to face in 12 years: renewal of my Texas driver license. My current license features a photo of me at 30. Not exactly accurate. Nor was my expectation regarding completion of this errand. I expected it would take, at most, an hour and a […]

  • spell check, mofos

    Were my driving and photography skills better able to coexist, the photo above would have captured what I wanted to show you. Instead, you’ll have to take my word for it. That electronic sign there on the right is supposed to let people know that, since the 45 N exit is closed, they should use […]

  • open letter

    Dear Man Jogging Down I-10 Around 7PM Tonight During Heavy Traffic, I saw you for the first time a couple of hours ago on my way home from work. I was driving my car on the freeway when something caught my eye. It was something that moved unlike a car. A bit of whimsy in […]