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  • le menu

    James and I had a fun conversation about where we’d eat in Houston if we could magically be transported there. You’ll see the abbreviated list below, and it includes places that are no longer in business. Because why not. Yes, this is a bit of homesickness creeping in (hence the focus on comfort food). We don’t miss […]

  • it’s the heat, not the bitchidity

    You guys. I had an epiphany this week. I figured out why I’ve been bitchy most of my life. “It’s because you’re a bitch,” you’re all thinking. I understand that line of reasoning. It’s what I always thought too. But that’s not it. It’s the heat. Anyone who’s had the unfortunate experience of being around […]

  • tastes of home

    When you can’t find frozen margaritas and queso, make it yo’self. Yes, yes, I know frozen margaritas are not the best way to enjoy your tequila, and the climate here isn’t even remotely right for that kind of icy drank, but come on. Nostalgia doesn’t give a shit. Before moving, James and I ate Tex-Mex on Friday […]

  • Houston, in pictures

  • ain’t no free (except outside our house)

    Monthly heavy trash pickup in our neighborhood is this week. We’d been waiting for this opportunity to get rid of a lot of things we hadn’t found a home for, and I was excited to get the stuff out of the house yesterday. Evidently the roaming neighborhood pickers were excited for us to get the […]

  • you win, Bunker Hill HEB grocery sackers

    We have a winner! In what has been an ongoing competition for shittiest job of sacking groceries at the Bunker Hill HEB, the young lady who bagged my stuff today is the grand champion. This comes after four-and-a-half years of going to this store every weekend and experiencing moderately shitty to super shitty grocery bagging […]

  • farewell tour

    Last week, I drove by the house in the Heights I lived in as a child. The neighborhood that was rough around the edges in the ’70s is now populated with shiny happy families on matching bicycles riding down the middle of the street. Our house in Bellaire (as well as that of my grandparents) […]

  • the I-10

    Not counting the eight years I lived in Industry, Texas when my family departed the big city for more a more bucolic setting, I’ve lived within 15 miles of the hospital where I was born. That’s 35 years in a pretty tight area, especially considering Houston’s sprawl. My shortest-distance move was out of the garage […]

  • manifest destiny’s child, aka westward hos

    Clear cold water crashes against the craggy coast and sprays barking seals lazing on white beaches. Dramatic cliffs drop to sea level, giving way to farmland filled with avocados, strawberries and artichokes. Mystical fog rolls in, and when it rolls back out everything twinkles. Echoes of Beats and Deadheads ring through a city that is […]