a quiet week off (and that’s just fine)

This has been a quiet week off. James is under the weather, so things in the house are abnormally quiet. No music playing, no TV in the background, very little talking.  I’ve spent my time reading, relaxing and not being online. When I have been at my computer, I’ve been working on my new playContinue reading “a quiet week off (and that’s just fine)”

there will be bacon

Yesterday was Mason’s birthday. Since he’s no longer here to celebrate it, we celebrated for him. In true Mason fashion, the menu was focused on something bacon-centric that he first brought to everyone’s attention a couple of years ago (he was also the first person I know to have made it): The BACON EXPLOSION. [TheContinue reading “there will be bacon”

I know where (some of) the bodies are buried

I had to run a quick errand in the Heights this morning – I may have moved from the neighborhood, but I still go back to drink coffee, buy beads and see friends – and odd memories came to me as I drove past places I’ve driven past literally hundreds (probably thousands) of times. IContinue reading “I know where (some of) the bodies are buried”

come on baby light my FIE-YUH

Since it’s been slightly sorta cool-ish, James and I have been enjoying a fire in the chiminea and a glass of wine in the back 40 each evening. I took this shot Friday night and thought, “Oh lookie, some orbs. Cool.” I know, I know…orbs are caused by particles in the air captured by theContinue reading “come on baby light my FIE-YUH”