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  • a plan for the future

    a plan for the future

    The one where an introvert dreams of living in a commune.

  • the view from here

      Morning breaks on Christmas Eve. December 24. Just like last year. James and the dogs are still sleeping. The only sounds are the clicking of my keyboard, our whirring refrigerator and seabirds passing overhead. I might also be slurping my coffee a little since no one’s within earshot. Our weather, cold and rainy, reminds me of […]

  • like flies on the same turd

    In my ongoing search to find some people for us to drink wine with ’round these parts, I was thinking that maybe I would go to the weekly poetry slam in Monterey (they encourage all sorts of performance, not just poetry). You know, meet some other writers. Maybe we’d have something in common. I disliked them […]

  • wine and Bukowski on a Saturday night

    You know how the things you do when no one’s watching are often more illuminating of your character than what you do when people are around? Well, James is out of town this weekend, and I poured my first glass of wine today at 4:30PM. So I guess I need to think about what that […]

  • cabin in the woods

    When I talk about my little writing cabin in the woods, I picture a place sort of like this (except smaller): It has lots of windows, is surrounded by trees and is a beacon in the night. In the case of the cabin above, though, it is also in my living room and is the […]

  • seven year bitch (not really)

    As of this weekend, James and I have been together for seven years. That’s a long time. To celebrate, we went out to dinner. A foursome sat down at the table next to us, and one of the men proudly proclaimed to have “both Aspergers and ADHD.” He appeared to be with his mother. The […]