shouldn’t have tried to be fancy

Being an old pro at visiting burger joints, shacks and shanties, I should have known better. It was an amateur mistake, and it led to my not having any lunch yesterday. Here’s the deal. I needed to hit an old school and previously unvisited (by me) burger stand so I could gather information to writeContinue reading “shouldn’t have tried to be fancy”


I’ve mentioned before that I hate Chick-fil-A’s stupid cow marketing campaign: I saw a Chick-fil-A billboard yesterday that featured a couple of cows writing about eating more “chikin.” You know, because if you’re eating chicken, you’re not eating cow. All of the company’s cow-related marketing features kitschy bad spelling, which makes no sense. If aContinue reading “Chic-fil-Asshole”

don’t make me put my bra on, or why Russo’s NY Coal-Fired Pizzeria can suck it

My first clue that this wasn’t going to end well was the fact that Russo’s NY Coal-Fired Pizzeria is located in the following states: Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Arkansas. Nothing makes me think of NYC pizza more than Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Arkansas. I ignored this blinking warning sign and forged ahead with my deliveryContinue reading “don’t make me put my bra on, or why Russo’s NY Coal-Fired Pizzeria can suck it”

quite peculiar in a funny sort of way

My new play The Singularity came in second for the Leah Ryan prize. Very cool. As a rule, I never mention my job in my blog, but two things today merit mention. One, as I walked in this morning, I crossed paths with (and said hello to) two astronauts who were in the building forContinue reading “quite peculiar in a funny sort of way”

I was merely acting, or save the drama for yo’ mama

I unsubscribed from the Houston Chowhound list today. They won’t miss me – I was a lurker not a poster. The list hasn’t been fulfilling my needs for a while, so this was an overdue decision. I joined it because I wanted the skinny on good places to eat and liked hearing about new restaurantsContinue reading “I was merely acting, or save the drama for yo’ mama”

ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (we’re quite aware what we’re going through)

[Unrelated to this post: Last night’s dessert. When I purchased the box of frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate at the grocery store, I guess I wasn’t quite prepared for what I’d find. Frozen awesomeness. Delicious, semi-nutritious and funny? Can’t beat that. James almost made me leave the room when he ate his because IContinue reading “ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (we’re quite aware what we’re going through)”