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  • this is not another think piece about THE LAST JEDI

    this is not another think piece about THE LAST JEDI

    Christopher Reeve was my first movie star crush (and maybe my first crush in general). As I watched him in Superman, I desperately wanted to connect to Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane so I could pretend to be Superman/Clark Kent’s girlfriend. But I couldn’t. And not just because I always found Margot vaguely creepy. It’s because even […]

  • free listening

    free listening

    I was sitting at my desk working on something meaningless (while thinking about things that have meaning) when I heard waves pounding the shore. The big, crashing, loud kind that usually precede a storm, though one’s not coming. Not a literal one, anyway. The waves were so loud, I was compelled to take a walk […]

  • don’t be a tourist

    don’t be a tourist

    A newborn bison was euthanized Monday because a couple of tourists in Yellowstone thought it would be a good idea to give the little feller a ride in their warm SUV (it was cold outside), causing the mom and rest of the herd to later reject it. Tourists reaching the end of the Appalachian Trail are behaving so […]

  • 10-year blog anniversary: let’s get political

    Continuing our look back at past posts: Once, I was interviewed on the radio (Houston’s Pacifica station, natch) about the Fight stupidization campaign. This is the post that helped make that happen. While most posts have been based on perhaps unearned bravado and an affinity for my own opinion, every once in a while I […]

  • a white girl’s experiences with the police

    I spent the entirety of the 1990s bartending for a living. The nature of the job–plus the active social life of someone in her 20s–meant I was often driving home at 3 or 4 in the morning. Most of my interactions with the police happened during that period, often late at night. And I realize my experiences […]

  • what the?

    One change leads to another. FIGHT STUPIDIZATION has wanted to live on its own for a long time. It finally found an apartment, which you can visit here. Other than a facelift/name change, will be same as it ever was. This is not my beautiful house.

  • it’s all about context

    I was out running Christmas-related errands Saturday morning when I saw a sign on the highway about the High Caliber Gun Show that was in Houston last weekend.  Evidently high-caliber gun shows go on whether or not there was a mass murder of 20 elementary school students and six adults the day before. Hey man, […]

  • opinions are like assholes

    Everybody has one. Except that poor fellow who was born without an asshole and had to poop through his elbow. Best we not talk about it. Jimmy Carter said last night that he was in support of the legalization of marijuana. Or, specifically, he said: let’s see how it plays out in Washington and Colorado […]

  • dinosaurs!