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  • the year of the dog

    2018 was the year of the dog. We said goodbye to Stella the rat dog and hello to Ripley the indefatigable.

  • quality of life

    We had to take our 13.5-year-old dog Stella to the vet yesterday. A white spot appeared in her left eye a couple of weeks ago. We assumed it was related to her encroaching blindness, which we learned about at her last vet visit a few months ago. Or maybe she’d scratched her cornea on a […]

  • going home again

    Links Hotel El Capitan Lei Low Pinkerton’s Barbecue Morningstar

  • the view from here

      Morning breaks on Christmas Eve. December 24. Just like last year. James and the dogs are still sleeping. The only sounds are the clicking of my keyboard, our whirring refrigerator and seabirds passing overhead. I might also be slurping my coffee a little since no one’s within earshot. Our weather, cold and rainy, reminds me of […]

  • Dennis did California

    Don’t freak out or anything, but this post is out of chronological order. My dear friend Dennis came to visit James and me the weekend before I headed home to see my family (early May). Here’s what happened. I didn’t manage to take pictures of the two times we ate burgers (here and here). Or the […]

  • going home

    Most things about this move have been wonderful. The one major black fly in my chardonnay is being so far away from my peeps. So a week ago, I went home to visit my family. James stayed here and held down the fort (that being the dogs, since we’re incapable of putting them in a GD kennel […]

  • too early to start drankin’

    So I guess I’ll do an end of the year post instead. Here’s some random shit I noticed this year. When you see your people after a long time apart, it almost makes your heart explode for the first couple of moments, then it’s like no time has passed and you settle into a delightful groove. When it’s […]

  • Jackson’s Index

    Number of hours spent in the minivan we rented to drive home for Christmas : 70 Miles driven : 4,309 Least paid for regular unleaded gas : $1.99/gallon (in Texas) Most paid : $2.99/gallon (in California, near the airport) Weather conditions driven through : snow, fog, rain Most fun, yet undocumented, coincidence : passing mile 420 on […]

  • the road

    You’re driving out of California and trailing a storm, the road still wet from the rain that passed ahead of you. The backroads you take to get from your small town to the big interstate are covered in mud, having recently been under water.

  • I’ve always wanted a dinosaur

    Not a real one because it would probably eat Stella. Just a super cool, kind of scary, fairly large replica for the yard. Though this skeleton version is pretty neat (and only $100,000), I prefer the kind with everything. Dino on left: What the–dammit! Who left this here? Dino on right: What are you talking about […]

  • le menu

    James and I had a fun conversation about where we’d eat in Houston if we could magically be transported there. You’ll see the abbreviated list below, and it includes places that are no longer in business. Because why not. Yes, this is a bit of homesickness creeping in (hence the focus on comfort food). We don’t miss […]

  • foundation

    Today is Father’s Day. Here’s a picture of my father and his three didn’t-fall-far-from-the-tree offspring. This is a recreation of sorts of a very old picture of Dad carting Mason and me around on his back. We were riding him like a horse in the time before Tohner was born. We were talking about that picture […]

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