manifest destiny’s child, aka westward hos

Clear cold water crashes against the craggy coast and sprays barking seals lazing on white beaches. Dramatic cliffs drop to sea level, giving way to farmland filled with avocados, strawberries and artichokes. Mystical fog rolls in, and when it rolls back out everything twinkles. Echoes of Beats and Deadheads ring through a city that isContinue reading “manifest destiny’s child, aka westward hos”

interactivity, anxiety, cooking, awesomeness

interactivity: Theatre goers and practitioners – tell me about some interesting (or not) interactive theatre experiences you’ve had lately. By “interactive,” I’m talking about new media involvement in the production, direct interaction between audience and performers, the performance beginning in the lobby (or pre-show), the ability to offer feedback during/after the performance (twitter, facebook). ThatContinue reading “interactivity, anxiety, cooking, awesomeness”