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  • Dennis did California

    Don’t freak out or anything, but this post is out of chronological order. My dear friend Dennis came to visit James and me the weekend before I headed home to see my family (early May). Here’s what happened. I didn’t manage to take pictures of the two times we ate burgers (here and here). Or the […]

  • senses

    SOUND: It’s early and I’m sitting at my desk,  listening to the garbage truck empty our three trash cans. One for yard waste, one for household garbage and one for recyclables. It’s easy to tell when he gets to our recyclables. The clanging of empty wine bottles is enough to wake the neighborhood. Luckily, they’re already […]

  • le menu

    James and I had a fun conversation about where we’d eat in Houston if we could magically be transported there. You’ll see the abbreviated list below, and it includes places that are no longer in business. Because why not. Yes, this is a bit of homesickness creeping in (hence the focus on comfort food). We don’t miss […]

  • Houston, in pictures

  • shouldn’t have tried to be fancy

    Being an old pro at visiting burger joints, shacks and shanties, I should have known better. It was an amateur mistake, and it led to my not having any lunch yesterday. Here’s the deal. I needed to hit an old school and previously unvisited (by me) burger stand so I could gather information to write […]

  • duck fat fries? don’t mind if I do

    I became aware of a new burger joint – The Burger Guys – a week or two ago and immediately sensed that it needed to be visited. When we did the burger journey a few years ago, we stuck with places within five or ten miles of the Alley. The Burger Guys wouldn’t have qualified […]

  • foiled by the burger place

    Today for lunch, I joined my burger buddy Dennis at Hubcap Grill downtown on Prairie. It was a short walk from the Alley, so we hoofed it. There is limited seating inside and a small patio outside. No way were we eating in the 90+ degree heat, so we found a cramped little corner near […]

  • this is why the terrorists hate us

    My brother Mason was a bacon aficionado. He loved (and ingested) the stuff more than seemed possible for such a slim guy. I still remember when he excitedly shared the news that there was a place near College Station that served…deep fried bacon. As in, bacon that was battered and dropped in the deep fryer. […]

  • effluvia

    Jeff Balke tagged me today. I’m in a good mood since Cletus and Mister Potter have left the building, so I decided to play. I live in mortal fear of the unknown thing or things that live under my bed. Each night after I turn out the light, I have to make a harrowing journey […]