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  • 10-year blog anniversary: potpourri

    We’re almost to the end of this journey back in time. One more post tomorrow, and then it’s back to the present. This post is about how pussified writers (and many artists, actually) have become. How they need constant reassurance and stroking to put pen to paper, when so many who came before wallowed in obscurity (and […]

  • when the sun goes down, I think of Charles Bukowski

    when the sun goes down, I think of Charles Bukowski

    I like to imagine what he might think about the world today. Not that I knew the guy, it’s just an interesting exercise.

  • senses

    SOUND: It’s early and I’m sitting at my desk,  listening to the garbage truck empty our three trash cans. One for yard waste, one for household garbage and one for recyclables. It’s easy to tell when he gets to our recyclables. The clanging of empty wine bottles is enough to wake the neighborhood. Luckily, they’re already […]

  • ain’t no free (actually, there is)

    As we enter the final few days of the (statistically) hottest part of the year in Houston, this is a great time for a giveaway. A little something to mark the (slowly creeping) final leg of summer and (squint, tilt your head to the left and you can see it) promise of fall. As I […]

  • I gotcher flow right here, buddy

    The recommendation came from someone I know or someone whose blog I read. I don’t remember. The book is called Finding Flow, The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life.  I had a bit of a buzz when I ordered it. You know, holding a glass of wine in one hand, scrolling around on the internet […]

  • a few things

    – Each day, to and fro, my 13-mile commute features heavy traffic. Sometimes it’s stop and go, and other days it’s just slow going. What I never understand is why people tailgate during heavy traffic. We’re all not going anywhere fast, and riding my ass is not going to make me disappear or make the […]

  • the city and the country (California trip – May 2012)

  • 42

    There are two things I remember from the great Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: thanks for all the fish, and the meaning of life is 42. Because of this book, which I read in high school when the thought of being in my 40s was as real to me as time travel, I’ve always held […]

  • Friday list

    The winner of a copy of Tiny Homes – Simple Shelter (see previous post) is John E. I used to pick a name. Since Half-Price books always gives me such a shitty return on my book investments, I think I’m going to start giving books away here. Media mail is pretty cheap, and I’d […]