Del Boca Vista, 2014

This is the sign that now graces our front porch. It’s the same design as the signs found on the historic homes around town–all pre-1926 dwellings (ours was built in 1929, so no dice). We found the maker of the historic signs and commissioned this one. Only instead of it featuring the name of theContinue reading “Del Boca Vista, 2014”

a plan for the future

Should I have the privilege of living to a ripe old age, I anticipate having to work until 70 before tapping into retirement benefits that may or may not exist by 2040. If I continue making my living by writing, that means another 24 years spent sitting at a desk, staring at a lighted box and type-type-typing theContinue reading “a plan for the future”

we need to talk about a pressing issue

Gas. Gut punching, your butthole is Alcatraz and it wants to escape on a handmade raft, hurdy gurdy gas that puts you in a panic because you live in a small house with another human being. A person with whom you still hope to share a little mystery in life. Someone you don’t have an interest in subjectingContinue reading “we need to talk about a pressing issue”

10-year blog anniversary: so much awkward

When I’m not experiencing awkward moments, I’m imagining them. Here are a few things that happened–and some that didn’t–over the past decade. Check out this series of events from 2006. These are the oldest posts to make it into the 10-year blog review. Read in order. Enjoy the non-sarcastic mention of myspace. And see how muchContinue reading “10-year blog anniversary: so much awkward”


SOUND: It’s early and I’m sitting at my desk,  listening to the garbage truck empty our three trash cans. One for yard waste, one for household garbage and one for recyclables. It’s easy to tell when he gets to our recyclables. The clanging of empty wine bottles is enough to wake the neighborhood. Luckily, they’re alreadyContinue reading “senses”

like flies on the same turd

In my ongoing search to find some people for us to drink wine with ’round these parts, I was thinking that maybe I would go to the weekly poetry slam in Monterey (they encourage all sorts of performance, not just poetry). You know, meet some other writers. Maybe we’d have something in common. I disliked themContinue reading “like flies on the same turd”

if a writer falls in the woods, will she make a sound?

We thought we’d take a break from Big Sur (a ridiculous concept) and instead go hiking in the mountains near Carmel Valley. A place called Garland Ranch. We made this decision after some wine the night before–literally thumbing through a book of 99 local hikes  and saying “that one”–and did zero research about our destination other thanContinue reading “if a writer falls in the woods, will she make a sound?”

baby you can be hit by my car

When you move to California, they should give you a printed reminder to put on your dashboard that says, “Try not to kill any pedestrians today.” At least for those of us coming from places where people do more driving than walking. The pedestrians around here are like little Disney woodland creatures, bopping along notContinue reading “baby you can be hit by my car”