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  • people get ready…

    …there’s a weather media blitz a comin’. The strong start to hurricane season is getting everyone’s panties in a wad, so in honor of that I thought I’d share the hurricane preparation guide I wrote for Houstonist back in 2007. Didn’t know I used to write a fake advice column, did you? You did? Oh. […]

  • Dilettante back in business

    After a long hiatus, I received a question for Ask a Dilettante, which currently lives on my other blog. The question came from a guy I went to high school with who recently found me on facebook. Most of the people I went to high school with who have checked out my blog(s) have pretty […]

  • Ask a Dilettante: Bathroom Encounter

    A few weeks ago I was in the bathroom, when one of my coworkers entered, went into the stall next to mine, and took a seat. The following is what I heard. – 10 seconds of silence – “God damn, I hate my life!” – 5 seconds of silence – “Hey! Hey! Hey!” – 1 […]

  • Ask a Dilettante – Don’t Wear Your Heart on Your T-Shirt

    I’m really excited about wearing my Obama shirt when I go vote. I’m thinking if I’m really friendly to the other people in line and I look good – the shirt’s tight and I fill it out pretty well, if you know what I mean – maybe I’ll be able to sway a few undecided […]

  • Ask a Dilettante – Why So Quiet, Poopie?

    Um, are the democrats sleeping right now or what? Did someone kidnap them? Or maybe give them a ruffie? I’m being serious. – Steph, Houston Hhmmm…good question. They (and by “they,” I’m referring to Obama and Biden) have been noticeably quiet for the past week or so. I have a few theories as to why […]

  • Ask a Dilettante – Canned Heat is Full of Fiber

    I just saw a commercial for a cereal, I think it was Total, that used a Canned Heat song as the background ditty. It really bothered me for some reason, and I’m not sure why. — Abbie H., Chicago Though you didn’t really ask a question, Abbie, I get your drift. The growing number of […]

  • Ask a Dilettante – Bikers, Geocentrism

    I’m all for transportation by bike, but what’s up with Houston bikers never observing stop signs and traffic lights? I almost run over and kill a biker every day, and it’s always their fault. Maybe we need to add “bikes too!” to the bottom of every traffic sign and signal. — Ophelia, Houston-upon-Avon Oh, Ophelia. […]

  • Ask a Dilettante – Fresh Meat(balls)

    Can you tell me how they ever sell and/or keep all of that prepared food fresh at Central Market? I have a hard time believing that those stuffed meatballs I see there on Monday are not the same ones I see on Friday. — Ahn, A Concerned Prepared-food Shopper Perhaps you should quit eyeballing the […]

  • Ask a Dilettante – Hang Up and Run

    Why do some people talk on the phone when they’re walking/jogging at Memorial Park? Can they not go 30 minutes without their cell phone? The jogging trail seems like the one place you should be able to go without hearing cell phones and people’s annoying chatter. What can I do to solve this annoyance? — […]