Author: Crystal Jackson

  • 2020 year in review

    2020 year in review

    JANUARY The year began like any other. Played some Wii, gave the dog a taste of champagne at midnight, went to bed at 12:05AM, had ham, black eyes, cabbage and cornbread on the 1st and got on with the business at hand. Which, at that point, was probably wondering what I’m doing with my one […]

  • the five stages of jigsaw puzzling

    the five stages of jigsaw puzzling

    James and I have survived five months of sheltering in place and spending 24 hours a day together, minus trips to the grocery store and solo hikes. But will our relationship survive attempting to complete a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle over a long weekend? Let’s see!

  • my first seven jobs

    my first seven jobs

    The early years of my career literally kept me on my feet.

  • the year of the dog

    the year of the dog

    2018 was the year of the dog. We said goodbye to Stella the rat dog and hello to Ripley the indefatigable.

  • rest in love Stella the Rat Dog (7.25.2004 – 10.14.2018)

    rest in love Stella the Rat Dog (7.25.2004 – 10.14.2018)

    Once upon a time, James quite unexpectedly brought home a stray dog. We named her Dali. For balance, I told James I’d bring home a dog of my choosing someday, and we’d all live together in a dog-centric version of the nuclear family.



    Introducing the latest addition to the family, Ripley the terrier-poodle-chihuahua-pug-shih tzu. But who’s counting.

  • Del Boca Vista, 2014

    Del Boca Vista, 2014

    You can’t keep us out.

  • unrelenting relevance

    unrelenting relevance

    Here’s a play I wrote for the 2014 Dallas One-Minute Play Festival at Kitchen Dog Theater. BOULDER HOLDER by Crystal Jackson (GIRL is facing upstage with her shirt unbuttoned as MOM helps her fasten something underneath it.) GIRL: I don’t want to wear this. MOM: You’re starting middle school today. It’s time. GIRL: But it […]

  • this is not another think piece about THE LAST JEDI

    this is not another think piece about THE LAST JEDI

    Christopher Reeve was my first movie star crush (and maybe my first crush in general). As I watched him in Superman, I desperately wanted to connect to Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane so I could pretend to be Superman/Clark Kent’s girlfriend. But I couldn’t. And not just because I always found Margot vaguely creepy. It’s because even […]