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Applying for your B2B enterprise copywriter gig

Experience is the best teacher

When I became a creative director, I had a lot to learn about the tools my design partners use to create their magic. As a copywriter, I knew Word intimately, but the depths of Adobe Creative Cloud had yet to be plumbed.

Enter online tutorials. No matter the question, there’s a short video or article ready to walk me through things, step by step. I’m a big believer in learning by doing, and I connect with ACG’s mission to democratize learning how to cloud through accessible, affordable and engaging (even entertaining!) educational content. That’s why I’m happy to apply for your B2B enterprise copywriter gig.

A quick note about location: A living clich√©, I’m a Californian who’s relocating to Austin. But I’m a native Texan (Houston variety), so you can count on me making my way back to queso and brisket by early March.

How I fit in at ACG

Wow. ACG is growing fast. Which means you’re on everyone’s radar, and the competition for open positions is likely pretty ridiculous. That’s one reason I created this page, hoping to stand out from the cut-and-pasters of the world. But I also wanted more room to let you know I connect with your brand voice, support your mission and believe I can help you tell your story to enterprise clients in engaging and meaningful ways.

Here’s a bit about my experience as it relates to the job description.


10+ years’ experience writing B2B and B2C copy for a diversity of clients, from Fortune 500 enterprises to nonprofits with a lapsed Fortune magazine subscription


Affinity for developing brand stories and ability to shift voices with ease (credited to a background in playwriting and lifelong eavesdropping habit)


Appreciation for a diversity of viewpoints, lived experiences and ideas, and the belief that culture fit and a shared mission are key to cross-departmental rapport


Creative spirit balanced by analytical mind, to-do-list maker, deadline nailer, process refiner, data interpreter, ambiguity welcomer, Nacho Thursday organizer

Relevant projects

Here are links to a few of my copy projects that fit the categories listed in your B2B enterprise copywriter job description. Please click the button below to view my full portfolio and see other types of work.

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