Crystal Jackson

Writer, dog enthusiast, hiker

Before becoming desk-bound, I spent many years on my feet in the service industry where I learned how to multi-task, handle stress with grace and make a mean martini. I don’t like it when people put “guru” or “rockstar” in their LinkedIn headline. Sometimes I think we’re living in a Stephen King novel. My perfect day would include dogs, a hike and a cool breeze. I was in New York for work, wandered into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and accidentally took a picture of a ghost. I studied playwriting with two Pulitzer Prize winners. I try to bring order to chaos and chaos to order as the situation demands. I live in the coastal foothills of central California, but I’m available anywhere there’s wifi.

If you came to this page for less stream-of-consciousness and more insight-into-my-job-history, check out my resume.