bonfire at Carmel Beach

I didn’t know people build bonfires on the beach. I mean, in reality. I always thought that was a bullshit beer commercial thing. But James and I recently had independent conversations with locals who told us we had to have a beach bonfire. Especially since it may soon be illegal (or really difficult) to do so at the main bonfire location–Carmel Beach.

And, man, it sounded really fun, so why not?

the glenlivet
Pacific Grove was dry until the late ’60s and still maintains some puritanical views about the drink. Carmel is more open (container) about such matters.
The perfect beach dinner–cold, boneless fried chicken.
boy scout
James was a boy scout.
This is how you dress for a summer night on the central coast. I was sitting next to a fire wearing a t-shirt, hoodie and fleece vest and was still a little cold. Maybe I should have worn pants. Next time.
june gloom
The original plan was to watch the sunset, but it was too cloudy/foggy (I’m not always sure which is which out here). The sky was the same light gray from the moment we arrived (before 6PM) until we left (almost 9PM).
Bonfires were sprinkled all around the beach. The locals had coolers and chairs while the tourists had boxes specially packed by the hotel they were staying in. We watched one couple unpack everything, study the directions, build their fire and then awkwardly try to make their stemmed wine glasses stay upright in the sand. Stemmed wine glasses are for amateurs. Not just in a bonfire situation.

4 responses to “bonfire at Carmel Beach”

    • Definitely a different experience than Galveston. Here, you don’t sweat, which is great, but it’s also too cold to get in the water unless you have a wetsuit. I haven’t wanted to squeeze myself into one of those yet, so I haven’t dipped more than my feet into the Pacific.

  1. I am thinking that a beach bonfire is one of those events everybody should be part of at some point. I am not a real beach person but I would like to do this!!
    But, I would also like to be in a beer commercial so you will have to judge my commonsense based on that!!!

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