10-year blog anniversary: so much awkward


When I’m not experiencing awkward moments, I’m imagining them. Here are a few things that happened–and some that didn’t–over the past decade.

Check out this series of events from 2006. These are the oldest posts to make it into the 10-year blog review. Read in order. Enjoy the non-sarcastic mention of myspace. And see how much more wound up I used to be. Reading this stuff almost gave me a tension headache.
Keith Hill, person-to-person
You’ve got the wrong Crystal Jackson
Or maybe you don’t

When you’re a person of a certain age who doesn’t have kids, some folks assume that means you’re a perpetual child yourself. Not exactly.

What do you do when you really need to go? You Cloo. Assuming you’re willing to pee in the house of a murderer.

Sometimes I don’t even have to have the awkward experience to write about it. Meet Bob and Linda.

The post that required the most personal humiliation was my remarkable experience on a whale watching trip here in central California.

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