this blog is 10 years old on Sunday


That’s like 1,000 years in blog-time. This is my longest-lived writing project and most meaningful one, even though it’s mostly just poop jokes.

To commemorate the occasion, for the next few days I’m going to share some favorite posts from the 965 I’ve written so far. Yes, I actually scanned back through a decade of this bullshit. Then I got a headache.

After the posts have been posted and Carol Burnett is mopping the place up, I’m going to give away a Fight stupidization. t-shirt in black, XL. I only have two left–I’ve been saving them for random encounters with LouisCK or Neil deGrasse Tyson–but I think this occasion is worthy. More to come on that.

Thanks for reading. It’s nice having company on this trip.

3 thoughts on “this blog is 10 years old on Sunday

  1. Given that most folks no longer have face-to-face conversations (family of 4 in restaurant, all staring at their phones), this blog serves a real purpose….the dissemination of poop jokes! Now that family has something meaningful to share over their dinner. Keep `em coming! Seriously Crystal, I love this blog and would miss it big time if you stopped. And stupid would win…

  2. Boy, You are going to feel reel bad when you finally meet LoiusCK. You will just have to tell him a poop joke

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