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gazebo on the coastal trail in Pacific Grove
heading north
heading north
Soberanes Point Trail, Garrapata State Park, Big Sur – the trail is narrow, with copious wildflowers and poison oak brushing against your legs – glad I was wearing jeans
further down the trail – I also saw a dead dolphin that had washed up on the rocks and was being…taken care of by three birds
here's the Pacific Grove version of that same shot
here’s the Pacific Grove version of that same shot
sunset in PG
some friends rented a house on a vineyard in Sonoma County for the week, so we drove up north for a visit
I love living on the coast, but there’s a lot to recommend the beauty of wine country – plus, I like the product
standing next to the house, looking down at Lake Sonoma
we saw Robert Cray at Golden State Theater in Monterey a few weeks ago – the great thing about seeing shows out here is it’s easy to get good seats if you’re on top of things – this is from my seat in the third row, and we’re in the same row for Drive-By Truckers in April
the Golden State Theater lobby
when you can't go to the Tex-Mex, you bring the Tex-Mex to you - old school cheese enchiladas with chile gravy (not pictured)
when you can’t go to the Tex-Mex, you bring the Tex-Mex to you – old school cheese enchiladas with chili gravy (not pictured)
this dog wants to appear grumpy, but his fashionable neckwear belies his whimsical side (also, it’s March and PG still hasn’t taken down the Christmas lights)
PG chardonnay, now available at a Trader Joe’s near you (and only $5.99)
if this guy hadn’t been buried in his hand computer, he might have noticed the incredibly large turkey vulture taking off right next to him

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  1. Stop it. Just stop it. We here in Houston (a.k.a., “the swamp”) are in the middle of it. Rain, rain, rain, rain and rain…..

    1. I wish you could send some of that rain this way, Harry. We’re in desperate need.

      I’ll bet the mosquitoes are pumping iron right now. Unless you get some rogue late freeze, it’s going to be a helluva summer. But at least it’ll be green!

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