I’ve always wanted a dinosaur

Not a real one because it would probably eat Stella. Just a super cool, kind of scary, fairly large replica for the yard. Though this skeleton version is pretty neat (and only $100,000), I prefer the kind with everything.

(for sale on the Design Toscano website)

Dino on left: What the–dammit! Who left this here?
Dino on right: What are you talking about Mildred?
Left: This huge wad of gum. I’ll never get this–and now it’s between my toes. Great. I can’t even reach my toes.
Right: You don’t have to be so dramatic. Rub an ice cube on it.
Left: Is that what you’re going to do?
Right: I don’t–ahhh, motherfucker. If I see those little Evans midgets, they ass is mine.

A lawnosaurus isn’t really in the budget, but if it were we would count ourselves lucky we don’t live in Carmel. A couple planted a 12-foot tall dino in their front yard and ended up having to remove it due to neighbor complaints and hardcore city regulations. Boo.

There was a house in the Heights in the ’70s that had a couple/few dinosaurs in the yard. I’d see them on bike rides with my parents, and I loved them. My dim recollection is that they were more cartoonish than scary–I see a purple brontosaurus in my memory. But that could be childhood embellishment. Anyway, that’s when the seed was planted, and I haven’t shaken the idea since.

I wish I had a picture of those dinosaurs.


2 thoughts on “I’ve always wanted a dinosaur

  1. The Rockies have a cartoonish purple dino as the team mascot. Good lord, it just about irritates me when I see Dinger the dork strutting around the ballpark. As our common friend says…..why do we have to Disney-fy even a nice baseball game. As for that other famous purple dino….I always thought it was more sad and creepy than anything else….clownish…..don’t get me started on creepy clowns.
    Out of the movie dinos…….I liked those nasty little fuckers who spit acid and took out Newman.

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