today is Sunday, August 24

And it’s a beautiful day on Amity Island. Here are some quick snaps I took on my walk today.

photo 1
Asilomar State Marine Reserve
photo 1
when I stopped to pull my phone out to take this, the sea gull thought I was about to give it some food – sucker
I mean, come on
photo 3
yes, one person wrote “kill a man”
good luck, people
good luck, person who wants to ride a cheetah
photo 1 copy 2
there are a lot of beautiful old churches in PG
photo 4 copy
this one has a peace pole in the yard
photo 2 copy
and then there’s Maude
photo 1 copy
I’m guessing the owners of this property have a lot of cats



2 thoughts on “today is Sunday, August 24

  1. From back to front- yes lots of cats and even more cat food breath, I once built many many peace poles with city kids in the middle of the big bad H-town with my sis many many years ago, I rode a cheetah once “not overated”. Kill a man no way how about love a man……wait that sounded a little ……ahh fuck it. What seagull you take me as a clown…what am I some sort of joke to you….

    1. The wildlife out here is full of life but not always so wild. It’s pretty easy to get a squirrel to walk right up to you if you make clucking noises and act like you have some bread in your pocket. Or tater tots. Did you know that there are still peace poles you made standing outside of homes, churches and non-profits all over Houston? Not bad for a city that tears shit down. I was torn about whether or not to write something on the art piece. I was kind of hoping someone would come up to me and ask if I wanted to participate so I could reply, “Actually, taking a photo of this display was the thing I wanted to do before I die.” Then, of course, I’d have to worry that my smart-assery would be repaid by an anvil landing on my head. Joke’s on you, bitch. Dying is easy, comedy is hard. I need to turn my music up louder on my walks so I don’t have to think about this crap.

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