what did I do today? not much–just went to a DOG PARADE

If I ever had doubts this was the right place for us to move (haven’t so far), they would have been squashed today under hundreds of furry little doggie paws. Yes, the annual Feast of Lanterns celebration features a DOG PARADE (has to be written in all caps because DOG PARADE) through the middle of downtown Pacific Grove. Tomorrow night they shoot off fireworks, another of my favorite things. Cannot wait. But you came for the pictures. Apologies for the quality—camera phone + over excitement + laughing. IMG_3956 IMG_4055 IMG_4061 IMG_4034 IMG_4017 IMG_4045 IMG_3948 IMG_4056 IMG_4074 IMG_4005 IMG_3926 IMG_3917 IMG_4072 IMG_4040 IMG_3991 IMG_4037 IMG_4059IMG_3945IMG_4076IMG_3963

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