the view from here

office number two
outdoor office is set up – now I can spend my work day hoping a bird doesn’t poop on my head – it’s worth it for the view of the Santa Cruz mountains and the bay
PG beach
standing on a beach in PG and looking back toward town
(pardon the shitty quality of zoomed photos – I’m stuck with using my phone until I replace the camera I killed on that hike) the dude and the bird stared at each other for quite a while (and I stared at them) – maybe they were communicating
beach squirrels are tame from too many people feeding them
van of my dreams
I want this to be my daily driver – as my father pointed out, I’d need a vintage German mechanic to basically move into the back of the thing
purchased at the record store in PG
this week is the Feast of Lanterns festival in PG – it’s the biggest event of the year, and houses all over town have Japanese and Chinese lanterns hanging out front – here we are, acting like locals (oh yeah, we live here) (I keep forgetting)
living room
our living room, featuring a small dog on the couch
I had to record myself talking about my play for an upcoming production in Boston – I was reminded of why I’m a playwright and not an actor (this is a still from the video shot in my indoor office)
some pretty amazing fog in Big Sur
fog 2
sometimes we were above it and could see blue skies
fog 3
sometimes it looked like the world just dropped off into a gray void
fog 4
don’t go into the fog, dude, you have so much to live for
partington cove
in my continual documentation of how busy Big Sur is these days, here’s the road around Partington Cove – this is a little place in a bend in the road that isn’t marked – there are two trails, one going down to the water and the other going up in the mountains – we’ve been here many times when there were few, if any other cars – not no mo’

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  1. How politically correct of you to discreetly cover part of the title of the Richard Pryor album… yes, I remember what it said.

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